September 24, 2016

Products & Strategies

The table below provides examples of the diverse range of investment products and strategies available in Canada and internationally to address migrant integration. As this is not yet a comprehensive list, you are welcome to contribute other examples using the contact form below.

Access to capital Individual migrants (for re-accreditation, workplace training, etc.) Vancity Credit Union Jumpstart Micro-loan Program (CAN)

Immigrant Access Fund (CAN) - loans guaranteed by HNWIs, Inspirit Foundation & Counselling Foundation

Government of Canada supported 11 micro-lending programs for internationally trained newcomers for re-accreditation.
Private debt: Micro-loans for newcomers, and non-financial supports
Access to capital Migrant & refugee enterpreneurs Nova Scotia Loan Guarantee Program (CAN) – Immigrant stream Private debt: Loans, up to $500,000, and business mentorship supports for newcomers
Access to capital Refugee entrepreneurs Refugee Integration Fund (EU)

Alight Fund (US)
Private debt: for micro-finance institutions (RIF) and individual refugees
Workplace equity: Diversity in corporate leadership All migrants facing barriers to equal employment opportunities Shareholder Association for Research and Education (CAN) Public equities: Shareholder engagement and public policy engagement
Workplace equity: diversity in capital allocation decision-making All migrants facing barriers to equal employment opportunities California Public Employees’ Retirement System Diversity & Inclusion (US)

Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund’s commitment to hiring minority and women asset managers.
All investment / lending decisions across asset classes
Orgs or projects that benefit migrants Labour market supports for migrants & refugees Duo for a Job Social Impact Bond (Belgium)

Finnish Sitra Social Impact Bond

Massachusetts Adult Basic Education SIB (US)

Community Employment Loan Program (CAN)
Private and Public Debt: Pay-for-success
Orgs or project that benefit migrants Social enterprises serving migrants & refugees UK Community Foundations "New Beginnings Fund"

The Young Foundation (UK)

Private debt and private equity
Orgs or projects that benefit migrants Low-income and vulnerable migrants Commonweal Housing – Big Society Capital (UK)

Vancity Credit Union $200,000 pre-development loan & grant for Refugee Welcome House and Ready to Rent interest-free Loan (CAN)

Community Forward Fund (CFF) investment in OCISO Housing
Real property: Affordable/social housing

Private debt: Interest-free loans (Vancity) and loans for housing cooperative (CFF)

Financial inclusion of migrants All migrants SHARE’s engagement with banks on financial inclusion (CAN)

Taqanu Bank
Public equity (SHARE): engagement with lending institutions to encourage financial inclusion– responsible products and services targeted at migrants.
Human/labour rights abuses Privately-operated detention centres for migrants Australian Pension Funds (e.g., Hesta), Dutch PFs (ABP)– Divestment from Ferrovial (formerly Transfield Services)

Nordea Asset Management engagement with G4S on abuse of migrant human rights.
Public equities: Shareholder engagement and/or Divestment
Human/labour rights abuses Vulnerable migrant populations (e.g., temporary workers, undocumented migrants) SHARE’s engagement with Brookfield AM on forced migrant labour Public equities and infrastructure: Shareholder engagement
Human/labour rights abuses Trucking companies, hotels & hospitality companies, who can help identify and prevent human trafficking Mercy Investments Services (US) engagement on human trafficking Public equities: Public policy and corporate engagement
Immigration policy reforms All migrants Collaborative engagement on comprehensive US immigration reform. All investments: Collaborative investor engagement with policymakers
International development & employment Syrian refugees living in neighbouring host countries (e.g., Jordan, Lebanon) Convergence grant to Kois Invest for Development Impact Bond for refugee employment interventions
Housing for migrants and refugees Refugees in Canberra needing access to affordable housing MARSS of the ACT Canberra Rental properties, guaranteed bond


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