September 25, 2016


About the Website

This website aims to profile examples of how investors are addressing the settlement and integration needs of migrants and refugees. It is hoped that these examples and the resources on this website will inspire other investors to mobilize their investments to address urgent issues around global migrant and refugee integration.

As its foundation, the website presents research conducted in the fall of 2015 that explores the potential of social finance models for supporting innovation in the Canadian settlement and integration sector. This research was commissioned by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and was designed to build on the Department’s work related to social finance.

The research report was jointly produced by Purpose Capital (Karim Harji) and the Carleton Centre for Community Innovation (Tessa Hebb and Heather Hachigian).

About the Author (website)

Heather Hachigian works as a research associate at the Carleton Centre for Community Innovation and as a consultant with Purpose Capital, where she helps investors identify opportunities and strategies for implementing their responsible investment programs. Heather’s doctoral research at the University of Oxford focused on the governance of long-term investment decision-making. Her work has been published in Business and Politics, the Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment and the Journal of Business Ethics. She has also written several book chapters on the subject.