News & Articles Related to Investing in Migrant Integration

News and recent articles related to investing in migrant and refugee integration.

Social Enterprises in the Settlement Sector

The 12 Startups using tech to tackle Europe’s refugee crisis. Sept 29, 2016. “Technology includes an airbnb for refugees and digital debit cards for refugees who can’t open bank accounts”

Experiences of Immigrant and Refugee Social Enterprise in Canada. Report on the first phase research findings of the Immigrant Settlement and Integration through Social Enterprise Initiative (ISISE).CED (Canadian CED Network). 2010.

Catalogue of Immigrant Social Enterprises in Canada. Accessed: Sept 22 2015. CED (Canadian CED Network). 2010.

 Innovation for International Development – NESTA, Framing the challenges: private sector perspectives on partnering for development. See pages 144- 154.

Corporations Can Accelerate Solutions to the Worldwide Refugee Crisis. FSG. Reichert, N. and Sion, P. (August 2016).

Council of European Development Banks Social Innovation Competition: The theme of this year’s competition is innovation to address the refugee settlement and integration crisis in Europe. The competition will award funding to three social innovation proposals. The competition is currently and information on the 30 shortlisted candidates (with some interesting examples of social enterprise) is available here:

Partnership for Refugees (US) Call for Action. For list of private business pledges see:

Tent Foundation A Platform for corporate leaders to join forces to more effectively leverage the support, ingenuity and dynamism of the world’s businesses to help end the refugee crisis.

Global Migration and Refugee Trends 

International Migration Outlook 2016. OECD Publishing Paris. DOI:10.1787/migr_outlook-2016-en

International Migration Report 2015. Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

Refugee surge brings youth to an aging Europe. Pew Research Center. October 8, 2015.

Investment Models for Migrant Integration

Humanitarian Investment Fund for Refugees – How to Turn Ordeal into Opportunity for All. Centre for Global Development. May 13, 2016.

Investing in Global Migrant and Refugee Integration“, Stanford Social Innovation Review, September 21, 2016.

Social Investment Insights: Investing in Integration. Big Society Capital, May 2016).

Rethinking Immigrant Investor Funds. November 2015. Available at SSRN.

Finance as an Instrument of Hope: Investing in Refugees. Panel at SOCAP16.

Forced Migrant Labour – Shareholder Engagement

Share Action Investor Briefing, June 2016. Available at:

Hewlett Packard Supply Chain Foreign Migrant Worker Standard (2014).

Financial Inclusion

Investor Brief: Promoting Financial Inclusion in Canada’s Financial Services Sector.Shareholder Association for Research and Education (2013).

Board Diversity

Diversity Matters:McKinsey (2015) “Companies in the top quartile of racial/ethnic diversity were 35% more likely to have financial returns above their national industry median.”